Blankets in UAE: From Desert Delights to Global Snuggles

The United Arab Emirates might be known for its sun-drenched landscapes and vibrant culture, but as the cooler months roll in, desert evenings turn crisp and the humble blanket takes centre stage. But forget scratchy wool throws of yesteryear! Today’s blankets in the UAE are a kaleidoscope of colours, textures, and patterns, designed to elevate your living space and express your unique style.

Experience Authentic UAE Blankets in Korean Quality

As the Arabian breeze whispers a touch of coolness, and evenings in the UAE unfold with a newfound charm, what better way to embrace the season than by wrapping yourself in the warmth of authentic UAE blankets, crafted with the renowned quality of Korean manufacturing? This unique fusion promises comfort fit for royalty, woven with threads of tradition and innovation.


Unleash Your Inner Snuggle Monster: UAE's Diverse Blanket Dealers


Your blanket is just one piece of the puzzle. Elevate your comfort game with:

  • Plush cushions: Invite you to sink in and relax.
  • Throws in contrasting colors: Add visual interest and layer warmth.
  • Scented candles: Set the mood for ultimate relaxation with flickering flames and soothing aromas.
  • Hot chocolate: A steaming mug adds the perfect touch to your winter evenings in the UAE.


Where to Find Your Snuggle Soulmate:

Our brands such as Kemfay and Eco Soft have good reputation and became one of the most powerful blankets brand in this region, thanks to the high level of quality and design. We have one of the largest production capacity for Polyester Blanket in the world with capacity to load 120+ containers per month., Discover a treasure trove of blanket options across Various designs and models. Remember, your perfect blanket awaits! 

Wonu International is a part of Economic Group Holdings, UAE and Bros Textiles, Saudi Arabia.